Nearby attractions

Nearby things to do in Villedieu-les-Poêles

- Trout and salmon fishing by the campsite (see "Campsite facilities")
- Explore the old town
- Copper and Lace Museums. Step into a medieval world.
- Copper Workshop : Travel back in time and learn about being a coppersmith
- Sports hall: Cosy fitness and art centre in the heart of this small coppersmith town.

Nearby things to do in the Manche

- Val de Sienne riding centre in Le Mesnil Hue: horse rides, courses, beginner-advanced lessons
- Avranches canoe club: rental and rides in Avranches.
- Airon'air : Fly through the sky and see Mont Saint Michel Bay from your hot-air balloon
- Miniature Railway
- Champrépus wildlife parks provide a unique bond between the animal and plant world in France. In this flurry of themed gardens you’ll see 60 species including lions, tigers, panthers, giraffes, zebras, penguins and many more!
- Airon'air Hot-Air Balloon Club
- Pays de Saint Lois aquatics centre: The aquatics centre lies in a leafy setting in the heart of the Manche where children and adults can dive into a world of water, relaxation and sport. There’s something for everyone with family swims, fitness, aqua aerobics, a sports and leisure pool (hot tubs, lazy river, 64m slide) and outdoor pool open all year.

Granville Aquarium: Le Roc des Harmonies

Le Roc des Harmonies is an aquarium and museum that takes you on a voyage on land and sea through 4 worlds: the Butterfly Garden, Aquarium, Mineral Palace, Fairytale Shells. The beauty of nature is showcased in this exceptional and totally unique setting.

Event Park

Indoor leisure complex (over 8000m²) in Avranches. Go wild with go-karting, laser quest, home ball, a children’s play area and arcade games. Unwind in the lounge bar and VIP room. For further information, please visit our website:
You can book your slot by phone on (00 33) (0)2 33 60 21 21

The Souleuvre Viaduct

Fun for all the family
The Souleuvre Viaduct has been bringing children and adults adrenalin-pumping fun for the last 25 years: mountain coaster, zip-line, giant swing, rope jumping and bungee jumping plus a barefoot garden from April. The protected natural site is designed for family days out. Picnic, bar, restaurant, barbecue, play area, hikes, bike paths.

Alligator Bay

A wildlife park with bite!
Come and see Europe’s biggest group of alligators at the foot of Mont Saint Michel. The alligator house: Unleash your inner adventurer as you venture over wooden bridges and see 150 alligators, crocodiles, caimans and incredibly rare white alligators in a tropical house.
The dragon labyrinth is an amazing fun-filled spot teeming with 200 boas, iguanas, chameleons and monitor lizards! Dive into caves to find rhinoceros iguanas, caiman lizards and Gila monsters in ecological terrariums based on their ecosystem.
The tortoise farm. Get up close and stroke African tortoises by sharing their specially designed enclosure. Gaze at the famous giant tortoises from the Seychelles which can weigh over 200kg. New: TeRRRifying dinosaurs

Manche ULM Evasion

Early April-late October; professional pilot Laurent Papillon will fly you over Mont Saint Michel Bay in a microlight from the Avranches aerodrome.