Mont Saint-Michel

The eighth wonder of the world and UNESCO World Heritage site awaits just 40 minutes from our campsite. Mont Saint Michel will come out of nowhere when you leave Avranches. When you get off the motorway, stop on the Bay’s pebble beaches where sheep and lambs graze and gaze at the wonder. Put out your arm and you’ve got Mont Saint Michel in the palm of your hand.

The closer you get to the Mont, the more you’ll its rooftops then it will be at your feet before you know it.
Go through the gate and step into a world of gift shops, restaurants, museums and the Abbey overlooking the Bay. Look up at the top of this historic landmark and you’ll see Saint Michael fighting the dragon from the apocalypse.
Wander through the lanes and along the city walls. The endless view of sand will leave you spellbound.

After experiencing another world, look back and watch the lights twinkling on the city walls at night. Its magic will never leave you.