Jersey, Sark, Guernsey, Aurigny

If you fancy a day visiting one of the Channel Islands, we sell return tickets to the 4 islands.

NOTE: everyone must have a form of ID.

JERSEY : Departures from Granville, Dielette or Carteret.

The biggest island in the Channel Islands.
Countless museums, galleries, jewellers, shops and pubs.
You can visit the pretty castle on Mont Orgueil overlooking the sea.
Hikers can explore the island and its heritage to their heart’s content with a guide.
Jersey has lots of ochre or white sand beaches and coves.
Optional: Guided island coach tour.
Bike hire available.

SARK: Departures from Granville or Carteret

This little 5.4km² island will cast a spell on you. No cars will disturb your enjoyment.
You can soak up the wonderful countryside in the middle of the sea. The island is untamed yet protected and you can visit by horse and carriage or on foot.
July 1st-3rd: folk music festival.
July 15th-17th: sheep race.
Bike hire available.

GUERNSEY: Departures from Granville or Dielette.

Pastoral scenery, cliffs, stunning beaches, meadows, English country gardens…you’re going to love exploring glorious Guernsey by bike or on foot.
You can visit its many museums (costumes-tapestry, maritime museum) and Victor Hugo’s 5 storey house overlooking Saint Peter Port.
Optional: Guided island coach tour (with or without lunch)
Bike or car hire.

AURIGNY: So near but so different!

You’ll have everything you need for a great day out on this small island just a few miles off the Normandy coast.
Soak up the warm and inviting atmosphere and enjoy a peaceful escape from the stress of modern life. Walk, cycle or hop on a minibus to experience 5000 years of fascinating history oozing from the island’s scenery and architecture, natural heritage bursting with wildflowers, leafy spaces and birds that keen ornithologists flock here to see. Its pale sand beaches, clear sky, golf course, cinema, fishing spots and lively pubs await.
There’s a summer schedule so be sure to find out more at Aurigny Tourist Information.